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Basic Savings

Our basic interest bearing Saving Account establishes your membership with the credit union and is the foundation of your financial plan.

      • Maintain a minimum balance in your account of $5 and you are a member for life

      • Earn dividends on balance of $50 or more

      • Utilize a Dakotaland ATM Card to withdraw funds from your Savings Account

      • Access your Savings Account 24 hours a day with Touchtone Teller, e*Teller,
         or Mobile Banking

Christmas Club

A Christmas Club Account allows you to save throughout the year for the holidays. You can set up Automatic Transfers or make your own deposits. It's a great way to pay yourself first and be prepared for those holiday expenses.

      • Have NO monthly service charges

      • Funds may be withdrawn early without penalty

      • Earn dividends on balances of $50 or more

Investor's Choice

Investor's Choice Account gives you the flexibility to invest money at a higher rate than a Basic Savings Account, without locking your money into a specific term as you would with a Certificate of Deposit. If you're looking for a higher rate, easy access, and federally-insured security for your savings, this account is for you.

      • There's no minimum to open your account

      • With a deposit as low as $500 you will begin earning dividends

      • Make deposits and withdrawals anytime with no penalty

      • Dividend rates are tiered to reward you as your money grows

      • Rates are subject to change at any time

Kid's Club

Kid's Club Accounts help teach our kids to be financially successful adults. Kid's Club is specifically designed for members' ages 0 to 18 years old. An initial $5 deposit opens the account and begins a Lifetime Membership in the Credit Union.

      • Requires a social security number and a parent or guardian's signature

      • Earn dividends on balances of $50 or more

      • Chances to win prizes throughout the year

      • Invest in a Certificate of Deposit at the Kid's Club minimum balance of only $100

      • Be sure to take advantage of our "Baby Memberships". When a new bundle of joy joins
         your family, Dakotaland wants to be the first to welcome them to our Credit Union
         family with the gift of a free lifetime membership. Dakotaland will make the initial
         $5 deposit to your child's first Savings Account as long as it is done before your
         child's 1st birthday.

Life Event

Here's your opportunity to personalize a savings account at your Credit Union. Setting up a savings plan for that new car? Feel free to name it "My Little Red Mustang" account. How about your wedding or maybe your daughter's wedding? An "I Do" account is all about you. Trying to put money away for a vacation? A "Tan in the Sand" account will put a smile on your face. The name you select for each of your life event accounts will appear on your statement so you can easily track your progress toward your savings goals.

      • No minimum balance to open a Life Event Account

      • Earn dividends on balances of $50 or more

      • Access your Life Event Account 24 hours a day with Touchtone Teller, e*Teller,
         or Mobile Banking

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